Mental health focused NFT project
with real life and virtual utility.

Your mental health matters,
Even for the little guys.



Mental health focused NFT project with real life and virtual utility.

Who we are

A collection of mice trying
to spread the importance of mental health
in the metaverse.

Metamouse Clubhouse is a collection of 8,527 unique NFTs.  Each Mouse has the possibility of over 150 traits, creating endless possibilities and an awesome collection.

The Metamouse Clubhouse collection comes with an exclusive membership to the exclusive events with celebrities, athletes, musicians and more as well as being a member of our DAO and have voting rights for the use of our community funds, but most importantly,  a huge focus on mental health.

They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.


Mental health is an issue that is very close to our hearts. Over the past 2+ years with the pandemic, the importance of providing mental health help and guidance has multiplied and become more important than ever. Unfortunately, not everyone has access or the financial means to seek the help they need. The core importance of our project is to make mental health help and guidance more accessible for everyone. 

Therapy Platform

At Metamouse Clubhouse, we recognize the difficulties of finding a great therapist that matches your exact needs. We are working behind the scenes to build the perfect platform to match therapists and patients, anywhere around the world, from in-person, group and virtual sessions. 

Metaverse Safespace

With changing times and advancing technologies, there’s no doubt that the metaverse will become a larger part of our reality very soon. We are purchasing a parcel of land in the metaverse and building mental health safe space for peer support, group talks and sessions from therapists. 


Metamouse Clubhouse would like to help change that. We vow that at every 25% sold of the project, we will donate $10,000 to a mental health charity or foundation. When the project sells out, we will donate an additional $10,000, totalling $50,000. We will present our holders with foundations/organizations, and put it to a vote on which we should donate the funds to.




Metamouse Clubhouse’s primary focus is our community, we want to grow together, explore together, and take opportunities together. We will create a community vault that our holders will vote on other projects to invest in. Using a DAO, we will vote on the project and the amount to spend on each project. We will then give away 75% of the NFT’s we purchase to our holders and the remaining 25% will sit in our vault.

In the future when we sell any of the vault NFTs, half of the profits would be placed back into the fund.

Every month holders have the opportunity to win an NFT from another project simply by holding. 


Special Event Invites

Metamouse Clubhouse has the rare oppurtunity to grant our holders access to very exclusive events and parties. From concert after-parties to sports team celebrations. How can we do this? 

Our team is amazing and lucky for us, we got Mona Halem, owner of Lady Luck Ent.

Mona Halem has an impressive network of some of today’s most celebrated personalities. Executives, models, the media, professional athletes, award winning musicians, and leading entertainers are frequently spotted kicking back at Lady Luck’s increasingly diversified exclusive ‘must-attend’ events.

Mona Halem has played a pivotal role in transforming the Toronto entertainment scene by elevating the urban vibe to prominence through an unparalleled sense of elegance and class.

Exploring the Metaverse

Buying land in the Metaverse

Metamouse Clubhouse does not want to simply be known as a PFP NFT project, but a project that grows, evolves and adapts over time to what our holders and future holders would want. 

We will be purchasing land in the metaverse, and the best part, our holders will decide where we should buy, how much we buy and what we do with our land!

Our parcel of land will be used as a multipurpose space from our Mental health initiatives to our creator launch pad. 


Earn raffle entries for holding

Metamouse will introduce staking in an awesome new way. To tie in one of our earlier utilities, staking will be used as a method of entry to our raffle of NFT giveaways. As the Clubhouse purchases other NFT’s to give away to our community, you will gain raffle tickets by staking your Metamouse NFT. Each day a mouse is staked = 1 $CHEESE coin, which will be used to purchase raffles. 3 $CHEESE = 1 Raffle Entry. This is multiplied by however many Mice you hold (If you have 5 mice, you will receive 5 $CHEESE coins a day). You can choose how many raffles you can put into any given giveaway, if any at all! Save them up for a project you are really interested in, or enter every one!

Launch Pad

Giving deserving projects the kickstart they need

Metamouse is all about the little guys making it in this big world. We understand the challenges of starting, developing, building and launching an NFT project. There are thousands of extremely talented artists and developers that never get to experience the potential of launching their project because of the lack of connections, over saturation in the marketing and the inability to stand out in this crowded space. At Metamouse, we want to help these founders by helping kick start their project through our community, current connections, access to developers, marketing strategy meetings and seed funding to put you on the right track. These funds will also be coming from our community chest (and replenished as needed). We will also work to collab with these project and create giveaways for our holders. 



1% (DONE)

Opening the Clubhouse

Welcome to the Metamouse Clubhouse! We are launched and ready to scour the ETH blockchain with our mice and find amazing projects to invest into and grow our community!

1% (DONE)

10% (DONE)

VIP Sale

VIP Sale will be launched for our amazing community members who have shown loyalty like no others, investors and some influencers that will help the project reach our goals.

100% of community funds made from VIP sales will be used for marketing, if necessary.

10% (DONE)

25% (DONE)

Marketing Push

As stated before, ALL the funds from the VIP sale will be used in marketing to promote project and bring in as many members as possible! We will be reaching out to notable instagram accounts, influencers and onboard a few celebrities that will be JOINING the project, not just promoting it. 

25% (DONE)

30% (DONE)

Phase 1 Whitelist/Public Sale

At this point we will be opening up the sale for our whitelisted members, who have met invite criteria, levelled up through awesome engagement, whitelist giveaways, discord games and contests. 

30% (DONE)


PHASE 2 Start

We have closed our phase 1 sale and are launching our second phase of the project. All holders from phase 1 will be entered into our first NFT giveaway (valued around 1 eth) and perks of our first virtual event. 



Phase 2 Marketing Push

We got this far with the help of our incredible community, it’s our turn to show you we’re not letting off the gas pedal. We will invest more into marketing before public sale to ensure we sell out and everyone benefits together, if necessary. If you grow, we grow!

We will be launching our twitter space series talking about mental health and our project with athletes and celebs.



Launch Phase 2


Time for everyone to have an opportunity to purchase in Phase 2.

We will not rush to this sale. We are working on on having this phase sell out and we will pull the trigger on sale when we feel it is the best time for everyone in the community.

We will continue pushing marketing, doing twitter raids, instagram contests, AMA’s and so much more to build more hype.



Half way through public

When we reach 50% of our public sale launch, we will be adding an additional 15 ETH to our community fund to continue growing the project.

Community fund stands at 25 ETH.



🎉 We’ve sold out!!!

WOW! We did it! 

Donate $20,000 to Mental Health Charity.
(Total of $50,000)

We will add an additional 25 ETH to the community chest, now standing at 50 ETH.



The real fun begins.

Mental Health Platform: We will begin full development of our platform to connect therapists to patients all around the world. 

We will scour the space for amazing projects to bring forth and have our holders vote on to invest in. We will give away 75% of NFT’s purchased through the community vault every month. 

Party: We will be announcing all our IRL and Virtual events as they are planned out and solidified in all the respective cities and virtual spaces.

Staking: The ability of staking will be developed for our holders to exchange coins for raffles in our NFT giveaways and in the near future, becoming passive income. 

Launch Pad: Immediately after sell out, we will open our launch pad application form for all future founders to connect with us about their project. Our DAO (holders) will vote on which projects we help!

Metaverse: We will be developing on our purchased land and making it a multi-use space. From our launch pad founders showing off their projects to a safe mental health space. 




Mark // Creator

Aka METAMOUSE // Wizzles

Mark has been a web developer, graphic designer and artist for over 12 years. Owner of a design and development agency and working with billion dollar corporations.

Mona // Event Coordinator


Mona has played a pivotal role in transforming the Toronto entertainment scene by elevating the urban vibe to prominence through an unparalleled sense of elegance and class. She will be the bringer of fun.

Andrew // Community Manager

Aka METAMOUSE // asleepy

Andrew has been in the NFT space from it's infancy and has been a community manager for countless discords. Andrew will also aid in finding kick ass projects for our holders. You're in good hands.

Chris // Social Allstar

Aka METAMOUSE // Chrisfahmy

With over 3 million followers on social media and the king of "so keep up", Chris will use his platform and social media marketing skills to give this project the push we need to make this amazing!


NFT is the abbreviation for “Non-Fungible Token”. It’s a unique numeric asset which ownership is managed by the blockchain and that the users may possess, buy and trade.

Metamask is a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum. You need it to be able to buy a Metamouse Clubhouse NFT.

Metamouse Clubhouse will live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

You can only mint your Metamouse NFT on our official website. We’ll announce the exact day and hour on our Discord. So make sure to join us from now on by clicking on the following link.

Join our discord! We have multiple ways to get on whitelist.

Whitelist: .07 ETH
Public: .1 ETH


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